Who is your sex coach?

I started Pain To Pleasure Coaching to offer judgment free, honest, and raw sexual health and healing help. 

From a young age in my life I began a very unique journey of self growth and discovery, learning about my identity as a man.

Through this passion for self discovery I stumbled across Dr. Ruth back on late night television. She became one of my idols, I wanted to learn and teach about sex. 

In 2017 I was given the honor being accepted in the program to become a Certified Sex Coach, from Sex Coach U.

From there my sexual knowledge, and sexual health, and healing journey began. 

August of 2020 after a gracious extension in the program, due to a life altering injury I graduated and joined the amazing ranks of Sex Coach U Graduates. 

January of 2021 I earned the distinction of Certified Sexologist from the American College of Sexologists International. 

I am also honored by my Mentor

Dr. Patti to be blessed with a seat on the Sex Coach U, Diversity Task Force. 

My injury lead me down a unique path of being able to understand how constant pain, depression, anxiety,  lacking and losing your self confidence, affects your sex life. 

The journey of learning about the man I am has lead me to greatly understand being Transgender and growing up as a woman. Understanding 2 very different perspectives of living, working, and just existing in society.